Hydraulics for Mariners

Hydraulics for Mariners

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The first book of its kind in the Maritime Industry, it addresses the longstanding need for adequate knowledge, understanding, application and integration of Hydraulics that plays a vital role in the Global Maritime Industry.
It comprises of Eleven Chapters with over a hundred figures ranging from the basics in Hydraulics to various applications onboard ships, safety and maintenance requirements.


Chapter No. Title Page No.
1 Introduction to Hydraulics 1
2 Hydraulics Components Symbology 25
3 Hydraulic Power Pack 49
4 Hydraulic Pumps 77
5 Flow Control Valves 121
6 Pressure Control Valves 139
7 Direction Control Valves 167
8 Hydraulic Actuators 193
9 Hazards and Safe Working Practices 221
10 Maintenance and Troubleshooting 243
11 Electrohydraulic Machinery Onboard Ships 263

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