Etched in Sapphire

Etched in Sapphire

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Edition: First
Pages: 205 ; Chapters: 6
ISBN: 97852138609
Month and Year of Publication: May 2020
First Edition Published in: May 2020
Publisher: Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd.
Author: Elstan A. Fernandez (
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Who needs to read this book?

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”

– Jim Rohn

There are a number of benefits of reading motivational books.

What makes ‘Etched in Sapphire’ special for everyone?

Just reading a few pages everyday will make a difference in how you see the world around you!

It’s written to help all you:

  • Bring a change in your life by making better choices and taking positive actions to achieve the extraordinary.
  • Improving yourself every day and enhance the quality of your life.
  • Challenge your limits and look beyond.
  • Convert your cant’s to cans, making you hungry for growth and surely you will excel – if you just say “Yes!”.

Yes! reading this book will help you to explore yourself more, work on your hidden talents and you can smash the glass ceiling!
It will give you an ability to create. Even if you are struggling, keeping in mind the inspirational messages it carries, you can adapt yourself and amplify your creativity and make your moments fulfilling.
It will help in every sphere of your life making you choose better, help you to erase the negative and replace it with possibility, power and magic.


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