Marine Control Technology – Fifth Edition

Marine Control Technology – Fifth Edition

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This edition has been completely revised and updated. It contains relevant and concise information about the latest technological advances that the shipping industry has made in this sphere of engineering. It caters to the academic and knowledge requirements for both pre-sea Engineering Cadets and post-sea Engineer Officers of the commercial shipping industry. It is also useful for engineering curricula in other institutions where Instrumentation and Control Engineering is being taught as a subject.

Keeping in mind the multi-lingual environment onboard a ship, care has been taken to explain each of the 11 chapters in simple English and technical terms. About 600 relevant figures and circuits help to visualize the operation of all components and systems that have been addressed in this book. A question bank of about 250 questions will also help to reinforce learning.


Chapter No. Title
1 Introduction
2 Process Control Theory
3 Sensing Elements and Transducers
4 Miscellaneous Monitors
5 Automatic Control System Fundamentals
6 Pneumatic Controllers
7 Electronic Analog and Digital Controllers
8 Programmable Logic Controllers
9 Final Control Elements
10 Applications Onboard Ships
11 Maintenance and Troubleshooting


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