Marine Electrical Technology- Twelfth Edition

Marine Electrical Technology- Twelfth Edition

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This book caters to the structured curricula for Marine Engineering Pre-Sea Students, Marine Engineers of all Post-Sea Competency levels and Electro-Technical Officers of the Merchant Navy.

Comprising of 26 Chapters in simple English, it explains not only the fundamentals but also the constructional features, operating principles, maintenance procedures and rules that govern the safe operation of important electrical systems onboard commercial ships.

Extracts from the latest editions of SOLAS Regulations, IACS Guidelines, Lloyd’s Register and American Bureau of Shipping Rules have been included with permission. Many world class organisations and manufacturers have also extended their invaluable support and enriched the content too.

The Teaching Guide at the beginning of the book suggests a standard teaching methodology. The question bank with a total of about 1000 questions, covers all topics that have been explained. This edition also contains over 500 relevant figures, including photographs that have been contributed by leading manufacturers across the world.



Chapter No. Title
1 Overview of a Ship’s Electrical System
2 Electrical Safety
3 Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas
4 AC Distribution Systems
5 Emergency Power and Shore Supply
6 Isolated and Earthed Neutral Systems
7 Alternators
8 DC Generators
9 Automatic Voltage Regulators and Exciters
10 Fixed and Portable Instrumentation
11 Paralleling of Alternators
12 Switchboards and Switchgear
13 Electrical Motors
14 Starters for Alternating Current Motors
15 Fault Protection Devices
16 Electric Cables
17 Insulation and Ingress Protection
18 Electrical Propulsion Systems
19 Steering Systems
20 Deck Machinery
21 Batteries and Battery Charging
22 Lighting Systems
23 Gas Analysers
24 Alarm Indication Systems
25 Miscellaneous Systems
26 Alarm Indication Systems


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