Understanding Reefer Containers

Understanding Reefer Containers

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This book is backed by decades of collective hands-on experience with Reefer Containers and Equipment and while teaching the subject too. It will surely help trainees, qualified Reefer Engineers and ETOs who work on Reefer Ships and with Reefer Containers, to have a deeper understanding of the various types of units and their systems. The chapters are as follows:



Chapter No. Title
1 Engineering Thermodynamics
2 Basic Refrigeration and its Components
3 Refrigerants and the Environment
4 Airflow, The Refrigeration Unit and Container
5 Reefer Units and Special Equipment
6 Operating Modes and Controllers
7 Partlow, Data Loggers and REFCON
8 Star Cool Operation and Servicing
9 Carrier Servicing
10 Troubleshooting Guide by Carrier
11 Soldering, Brazing, Welding and Repair
12 Carriage of Reefer Containers
13 Reefer Cargo Losses
14 Glossary of Terms and Phrases