Marine Electrical Maintenance and Troubleshooting Volume 1: Alternators, Motors & Batteries

Marine Electrical Maintenance and Troubleshooting Volume 1: Alternators, Motors & Batteries


This improved and updated Volume, is the solid foundation for a very popular and unique series of Four Books at present. It addresses a longstanding need for adequate knowledge, understanding, application and integration of Terotechnology and Diagnostics for Marine Electrical Systems. It thus plays a vital role in assisting Marine Engineers and Electro Technical Officers on board commercial ships, in the mitigation of failures and reduction of operational costs.

In particular, this volume addresses the Essentials of Electrical Safety and Generic Guidelines for Maintenance, the knowledge of which, are of vital importance to the engineer onboard a ship. The Maintenance guidelines for both Low and High Voltage Equipment cover all common machinery and systems in the generation and distribution network. The contents pages will divulge the scope of these chapters

Without the knowledge of Test Equipment and Component Testing, it is futile for an engineer to even try and maintain / troubleshoot his equipment. Hence this important chapter addresses in simple terms, the use of test equipment and methods to test components. Likewise, process components have also been touched upon.

As a first step, the troubleshooting guides for Alternators and Motors, Battery-Powered Systems and Process Components have been included in this volume.

The Chapters are as follows:

Ch No. Title
1 Essentials of Electrical Safety
2 Generic Guidelines for Maintenance
3 Maintenance of Low Voltage Equipment
4 Maintenance of High Voltage Equipment
5 Test Equipment and Component Testing
6 Earth Fault Monitors
7 Guidelines for Troubleshooting
8 Troubleshooting of Alternators and Motors
9 Troubleshooting of Battery-Powered Systems
10 Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Process Components