Bridge Equipment for Navigation and Control of Commercial Ships

Bridge Equipment for Navigation and Control of Commercial Ships



This book, written in 30 Chapters, focuses on standard equipment that is installed on the bridge of a Commercial Ship. It is intended to help both a Cadet and a Qualified Officer onboard, to further understand the technology, operating principles and easy-to-follow steps in troubleshooting Navigational and Control Equipment. Deck Officers, Electro Technical Officers and Marine Engineers alike, will find useful. The chapters within are as follows:


Chapter No. Title
1 Electrical Safety
2 Steering and Stabiliser Systems
3 Rudder Angle and Rate of Turn Indicators
4 Gyro Compasses and Course Recorder
5 Magnetic Compasses
6 Ship’s Speed Logs
7 Echo Sounder
8 Radars
9 Electronic Chart Display Information System
10 Global Positioning System
11 Differential Global Positioning System
12 Anemometer
13 Weather Facsimile
14 Navigation and Signal Lights
15 Air Horn (The Ship’s Whistle)
16 Very High Frequency Communication System
17 Medium and High Frequency Radio Equipment
18 Navigational Telex
19 Automatic Identification System
20 Long-range Identification and Tracking
21 Closed Circuit Television
22 Television and Radio Antennae
23 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
24 Ship’s Security Alert System
25 Global Maritime Distress Signalling System
26 Marine Electric Clock
27 Alarm Systems
28 Internal Communication Systems
29 Voyage Data Recorder
30 List of SOLAS Regulations