Ship’s Electrical Circuits Vol 2

Ship’s Electrical Circuits Vol 2

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About the Book

This volume written in 19 chapters, addresses the common circuits related to deck machinery and almost all auxiliaries that fall under the general category of hull equipment and systems.

Some circuits are unique and some are generic. However, the more one learns and practices, the better !

Together with Volume one, almost all starter circuits on a commercial ship have been covered

Chapter No. Title
1 Grinding Machine
2 DOL Starters for Various Fans
3 Hydraulic Pumps
4 Mooring Winch and Windlass Hydraulic Pumps
5 Accommodation and Pilot Ladders
6 Deck Cranes
7 Pilot and Water-tight Doors
8 Refrigeration and Airconditioning Systems
9 Air Handling Unit
10 Ballast Pump
11 Cargo Compressor
12 Steering Gear
13 Emergency Fire Pump
14 Galley and Laundry Equipment
15 Room Heater
16 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
17 Marine Growth Prevention System
18 Shaft Earthing System
19 Enclosed Life Boat System